Min Soo Jin (Lee mang lại Hee) is thrilled when Lee Min Ho shows up at the help desk. She assumes he is a mã sản phẩm for the store. That confuses him. Her slacker co-worker gush about loving his book “Traveling khổng lồ Find Myself”. Ah, so he’s a travel writer.

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Soo Jin assumes he’s there for her like all the other guys. Following the path of the other men, Soo Jin declares they’ve met before – maybe hometown, work, school, etc. Lee Min Ho says they’ve never met. She’s not translating his obvious confusion. She asks why he’s there. Lee Min Ho states he’s got a question and this is the information desk. Soo Jin swats his shoulder, bats her eyes, và asks if he wants to lớn ask her out on a date. Lee Min Ho is surprised at how forward she is. Poor Soo Jin, she does not realize this is not lượt thích before.


Her slacker co-workers ask if she’s lost her mind due lớn the handsome man in front of her. Soo Jin asks if he wants her phone number. She stage whispers that he’ll eventually lượt thích her. Oh dear, she’s stepped into making a fool of herself territory. Lee Min Ho politely tells her she has the wrong idea. He turns và asks her slacker co-workers the question. Soo Jin finally realizes her mistake. Thank goodness, she recognizes the error of her ways.

After work Soo Jin leaves the store reading Lee Min Ho’s travel book. She turns and he’s there. Soo Jin apologizes for her previous behavior. Lee Min Ho graciously accepts her apology. Soo Jin explains she mistook him for someone else. She tells him the book is good. Soo Jin says she especially liked his observation “It’s a daily life to tìm kiếm for something that will love me. But searching for something I will love is a journey.” Lee Min Ho smiles. Soo Jin shares that she recently had a similar journey so that observation resonated with her. Lee Min Ho smiles & says most readers don’t notice the significance of that observation.

Soo Jin asks why he’s there. Lee Min Ho hands her a card (just like the other 6) & says she dropped it. Soo Jin turns it over và sees the blank silhouette of a man. Then thesilhouette becomes Lee Min Ho. Soo Jin stares at Lee Min Ho và smiles a big, bright smile. Lee Min Ho returns her smile.

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The camera pulls away và we kết thúc with the two of them smiling at each other. It’s too long of a shot and even Lee Min Ho has lớn look away after a moment.

The remainder of the episode is the behind the scene of shooting the episode.

The producers thank us for watching 7 First Kisses.

My Thoughts

Weak episode. It didn’t follow the formula. There wasn’t even an almost kiss! I feel jilted! khổng lồ be fair, with that poor script, an almost kiss would not have fit.

Lee Min Ho wasn’t showcased as effectively as others have been.I understand the producers wanting lớn snap up Lee Min Ho but really, write a better episode for the man, he’s a major star. Good grief, I could have whipped something up. If they’d only called…

So this was my first website series. It was light và fluffy fun. Most of the men managed to lớn make the material work. Frankly, I loved the cheesy music & the Soo Jin fantasy highlights (mooning over the man, having the man secretly like her, having the man want to lớn date her, having the man try to kiss her) that occurred every episode until the last two (Lee Jong Suk và Lee Min Ho) when they deviated from a formula that worked. I enjoyed watching to lớn see the men rock a weird situation to lớn their advantage.

Assuming this is the last episode, we’ll never know who Soo Jin choose.As before I offer my list to guide her.

My final ranking of the men:1. Lee Joon Gi2. Ji Chang Wook3. Taecyeon4. Park Hae Jin5. Lee Jong Suk6. Lee Min Ho7. Kai