Early rumors of “Chicago,” “Royal,” all white & white/black colorways have started to surface.

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Dior và Jordan Brand created one of the most hyped sneaker collaborations of all time in 2020 when they joined forces for the Air Jordan 1 “Air Dior.” An ultra-luxurious Air Jordan 1 with a clean màu sắc scheme, oblique jacquard Swoosh & eye-watering $2,000 USD price point (which seems lượt thích a bargain now as it regularly resells for four times that amount), the “Air Dior” was và is more than just a shoe. It’s a cultural touchpoint from a turbulent year, crafted artfully by Dior’s Kim Jones & Thibo Denis alongside the Jumpman’s thiết kế team. Now, in a surprising twist, the partners might be doing it even bigger in 2021: rumors of four more “Air Dior” colorways have begun to surface.

These speculations were kicked off by Urban Necessities founder Jaysee Lopez, who recently claimed that we’d see “Chicago” “Royal” & “Black/White” colorways in 2021. The flames of hype were fanned even higher when noted leak tài khoản Mr. Unloved 1s took lớn Twitter khổng lồ expound on Lopez’s claims, saying that he’d also heard about the “Chicago” and “Royal” colorways but that there was no white/black pair, instead, an all trắng style, and that one of the three pairs would be women’s sizes.

At the time of writing, there’s no official confirmation from Dior or Jordan Brand about any of these rumored style, nor are any images available outside of the mock-ups from House of Heat that can be seen above. However, if any of these rumors hold weight we’ll likely see more info in the coming weeks and months.Ok so a few months ago
twojskicks said:Dior is doing a Chicago, Royal, & white and black aj1s.From some more whispers out there, same thing, except no white & black, just an all white pair. One of these 3 is women’s sizes only. Hopefully we hear more soon. Pic.twitter.com/uyHjy54BSv— Mr Unloved1s (Avi) (
MrUnloved1s) May 23, 2021 For more Jordan Brand nội dung take a trip back khổng lồ 2010 in the latest installment of tuandenroi.com‘s Sole Mates series, in which Vashtie discusses her Air Jordan 2 collaboration.