The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley greatly benefited from the time & talent of Norman J.

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Blears, a respected lawyer, devoted husband & father và former Law Foundation board member of 20 years.

After we lost Norm in November 20đôi mươi, many who knew hlặng và witnessed his commitment lớn the Law Foundation came together to lớn support a project that will inspire future generations of legal aid lawyers. Aý muốn the key initiatives Norm supported was one special to lớn him: his vision of bolstering career growth at the Law Foundation by creating a permanent, summer intern program.

The Norman J. Blears Memorial Fund will provide paid summer internships for up lớn three law students annually. By supporting aspiring lawyers, promoting public interest law, & by advancing race equity in our community, we hope to honor Norm’s memory và commitment lớn justice.

About the Opportunity

Summer interns are assigned to each of the Law Foundation’s three programs: Children và Youth, Health and Housing, where they primarily assist with research & writing, including drafting letters và briefs, và client intake. Interns receive valuable exposure lớn a large and vibrant legal aid organization in the Law Foundation, and work closely with experienced attorneys và advocates. They khung cthua ties with fellow interns, & return to their respective schools better prepared for a career in law.

The Norman J.

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Blears Memorial Fund will tư vấn interns beginning in the summer of 2022 with seed funding from several individual donors. To support the project in perpetuity, we must raise a total of $300,000.

A campaign goal of this kích cỡ will allow us to invest the funds appropriately và gain enough in interest over time khổng lồ ensure that the program can exist for decades lớn come. We look forward lớn working with Norm’s family, colleagues and friends to bring this vision to lớn life.

Norman J. Blears, 1955-2020

Norm had a long và storied career as a lawyer and trusted advisor, making profound and valued contributions khổng lồ the legal community and beyond. He was born in Jamestown, Thành Phố New York, attended Denison University in Ohio, and went on khổng lồ receive sầu his law degree from Stanford University. Norm represented individuals và corporations from start-ups to lớn Fortune 50 companies, helping them with legal challenges they faced in building và sustaining their businesses as they brought new technologies, including life-saving medical treatments, lớn market.

In 2000, Norm was honored by the Santa Clara County Bar Association as Professional Lawyer of the Year, & was ranked year after year as among muốn the very best lawyers in “bet the company” litigation by Chambers, The Legal 500, Best Lawyers in America và other publications.

In addition lớn his friends và colleagues at the Law Foundation, Norm leaves behind his wonderful và devoted wife, Nancy, two daughters and their husbands, and two grandchildren.