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"Running Man" Yo Jae Suk mentioned Jeon Ji-hyeon.SBS "Running Man", which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 26th, appeared in the Americas, Owners, Jang Won-young, Kim Dong-joon and Kim Do-yeon.Ownership said in a moving car, "I used to lớn go to đài loan trung quốc schedule, but I finally got on the same plane as my brother.As soon as I got off, my brother"s fans filled the airport. "The guests then mentioned their role models, & Jang Won-young said, "Jeon Ji-hyun is senior."Kim Jong Kook told Yo Jae Suk, "Do not you have any friendship with Jeon Ji-hyun?" và Yo Jae Suk said, "I once shot AD."Jeon can"t take his last name. Won-young says "Won-young-ah" when he comes a few times, but Jeon-hyun can"t take it."

How popular is Kim Jong Kook? Jang Won-young "I like Jeon Ji Hyun" "Jeon Ji Hyun và AD shooting"

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"Combag" BLITZERS "SEAT-BELT" Official Photo Reveal "Reverse Attraction"

Group BLITZERS (BLITZERS) has offered a reversal appeal. BLITZERS (Evolution, Eigen, Juhan Ulfsak, Shah, Chris, Rutan, Space) published a second EP 'SEAT - BELT (Sit - Belt)' personal and group official photo TAKE (Take) version on its official SNS on September 28. BLITZERS showed an active atmosphere & bold facial expression as a whole, giving it another reversal charm from the previously released MISS version of Photo. First, Evolution in the personal photo overwhelmed the atmosphere by staring at the camera with sunglasses in his mouth. The uniqueness attracted attention with a chic but playful look, & Juhan Ulfsak caught his eye with an intense look toward the top. Shah revealed her kitsch personality with a costume of màu sắc as colorful as a red hairstyle. Chris turned to lớn the side to lớn give him a provocative eye-split, & Rutan spewed a subtle charisma with a relaxed look and pose. Finally, the universe showed off its youthful charm, emitting playful eyes over sunglasses

Singer Young Tak has released a new tuy nhiên 'Lee Bull' official photo, raising expectations for a comeback. The New Erra Project released two new official photos of Young Tak's new tuy nhiên 'Lee Bull' through the official SNS account at 0:00 on the 5th. The photo shows Young Tak sitting comfortably on the floor và smiling brightly. Adding a natural charm with beige shirts và white pants, Young Tak caught the attention of viewers with a bright Smile. In another photo Young Tak is looking at the camera with a fresh Smile in her hand. Young Tak has developed a chất lượng charm with a soft eye that makes him fall into the temple và raised his expectation for the new tuy nhiên 'Lee Bull'. 'Lee Bull' is a tuy nhiên prepared by Young Tak, who is working on busy schedules to và from broadcasting & advertising activities. This song, which is a warm comfort of "I will cover your sickness by becoming Lee Bull," is expected khổng lồ provide warm healing to lớn those who are ha

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Lee Seung-ki "Deathmaker" during the shooting "18 years of driving experience, next to lớn the master of chinese character is so hard"

Lee Seung Gi was sleeping during the filming of 'All The Butlers'. On SBS 'All The Butlers' broadcast on October 31, Chinese character actor Specialist Lawyer appeared as master khổng lồ make safe Korea without Acident. On this day, Lee Seung-gi took the chinese character master in the passenger seat và became the first driver of the disciples. Master Chinese character poured out the explanations constantly from the blind spot on the road to the safe distance in the tunnel. Lee Seung-gi then said, "It was the hardest 30 minutes after 18 years of license," he said. Among them, Yang said, "I saw Lee Seung-gi sleeping during the broadcast for the first time." Kim Dong-Hyun was driving while Lee Seung-gi was sleeping in the back seat. Lee Seung-gi said, "Why do not you tell me the point where you can actually feel the risk? I was so tired because I usually try khổng lồ calculate the risk factors without thinking about it."

Girls group OH MY GIRL member JiHo first made his debut on Radio Star and named the junior group Celeb five as the hidden credit of the OH MY GIRL jackpot. JiHo also confessed, "I have been worried about whether I can continue the idol." Thanks to lớn Kim Shin-young's counseling, I reveal the story that I have caught up with. MBC 'Radio Star', which is scheduled khổng lồ be broadcasted at 10:30 pm on the 27th, is featured in 'K-tip Girlfriend' with Yang Hee Eun, Kim Shin Young, rooftop moonlight Kim Yoon Joo và OH MY GIRL JiHo. JiHo is a thành viên of the group OH MY GIRL, which is sweeping the top of music charts và music broadcasts with "Snowy," "Dun Dun Dance" & "Dolphin." OH MY GIRL has been popular since its debut, starting with the tuy nhiên 'Secret Garden', which won the first music broadcast after its debut, and has been loved by many people such as achieving the record of the longest chart of the girl group with 'Sleepin
Singer Jean So-mi The truyền thông showcase commemorating the release of the first Regular album 'XOXO' was held online on the morning of the 29th. The showcase was attended by Jean So-mi. <
Im Young-wong released a picture of his instagram on the 1st of the day in front of a cafe near the Zandari Children's Park in Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul. In the open photo, yên ổn Young-woong made a 20-year-old college student atmosphere with a sweatshirt and sneakers. He covered his face with a baseball cap, sunglasses & mask, but his beauty shines. It is a bright cut of lặng Young-woong who is spending time of youth shining day by day in the love of heroic age. Moon wan-sik
The group 'NCT Dream' Chunler is celebrating the 'Popular Culture and Arts Award' ceremony held at the National Theater of Korea, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 28th. Meanwhile, the awards ceremony will be held indifferently at the National Theater. It will be broadcast live online via YouTube channel The K-pop.
Singer Jean So-mi transformed perfectly into Cruella On November 2, Jeon So-mi posted a photo on his instagram with an article entitled "HALLOWEN AS CRUELLA".