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If the rumours are true, Joo-Yeon is currently dating one of K-pop’s biggest stars, G-Dragon & that means the Korean truyền thông media cannot get enough of her. 

2018 is going to lớn be a big year for South Korean actress and singer, Lee Joo-Yeon. If the rumours are true, Joo-Yeon is currently dating one of K-pop’s biggest stars, G-Dragon & that means the Korean truyền thông media cannot get enough of her. 

The couple was said to have started dating some time in November of 2017 & have already taken several holidays together. Most recently, the couple were spotted posting similar photos of their trips to Hawaii & Jeju on social media, leaving eager fans khổng lồ speculate even more. 

Fans were first suspicious of their relationship when G-Dragon posted this video of the two on his Kwai account: 

So, who exactly is Lee Joo-Yeon? Find out more below. You Need khổng lồ Know About Lee Joo-Yeon, G-Dragon"s Rumoured GirlfriendShe Was Once In A Bandimage

Joo-Yeon first entered the Korean entertainment industry when she debuted with her Korean pop group, After School in 2009. 

After two years of being with the group, Joo-Yeon progressed & became the the leader of A.S. Blue, After School’s sub-unit group. 

In 2014, Joo-Yeon’s contract with Pledis Entertainment, After School’s management bongdafast.vnpany, ended & she subsequently left the group. 

She"s Also An Actressimage

Ardent fans of Korean dramas will know that Joo-Yeon has starred in several shows such as Smile Again & was also in a variety show called Invincible Youth

She Was An mạng internet Star Before Being A Singerimage

Before debuting as a singer in After School, Joo-Yeon was already a rising internet star. As a teenager, Joo-Yeon would often post beautiful selfies of herself, earning herself the title of ulzzang or “best face” in Korean. 

Joo-Yeon was raved about her having beautiful round eyes and the much desired v-shaped face that Koreans love. 

G-Dragon Isn"t The First Guy She"s Been Linked Toimage

Before her relationship with G-Dragon came to light, Joo-Yeon was linked khổng lồ actor So Ji Sub in 2014. The couple had a 10 year age difference between them. 


Photo: InstagramShe"s Notoriously Privateimage

Despite having an Instagram account, Joo-Yeon is notoriously private và usually only posts photos of herself for advertisement campaigns, selfies or magazine spreads.Bạn vẫn xem: So ji sub và jooyeon

Sadly, despite trying lớn keep their relationship with G-Dragon under wraps, vicious fans have still found ways lớn attack her online with bongdafast.vnments that flood her Instagram photos. 

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