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The Secret Life of Pets: All Posters, Ranked Of all the posters for The Secret Life of Pets và its sequel - which are the best, and which are the worst designs?

The Secret Life of Pets franchise were two of the most charming animated films by Illumination Productions telling the story of Max the terrier and the other pets in his human, Katie"s, apartment building. In the grand scheme of things, a great poster does not say much about the quality of the movie. Movies can have great posters but can end up being terrible movies, and vice versa.

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Even though some of the posters were better than others, none of the posters for either the first or second movie were bad by any means. Occasionally a tad simple, but it is designed for a younger audience after all. Which was the best of them all, và which should have never seen the light of day?

Here is the original poster for the first movie showing Max, Gidget, Duke, Snowball, Mel, & Chloe. While this poster is nothing to rave about, it does mix the tone for the movie. You can immediately tell that this was going to be a quirky, fun, xinh tươi movie và that is exactly what fans got.

One of the common gripes about movie posters is the consistent trend of having the main character of the movie in the center with the secondary characters surrounding them as well as a few explosions. Also, as said before the trắng background does seem a tad simplistic but as the movie is targeted towards a younger audience, it seems unlikely that younger viewers would have an issue.

Coming in second lớn last is the Japanese poster for The Secret Life of Pets 2, where the poster very closely resembles the original poster for the first movie above. The point that the movie is aimed at a younger audience still stands, và fans can see what the sale company has gone for with the different camera angle, but it is still incredibly similar lớn the first, especially with the large trắng background.

That being said, it still just about captures the magic that the first movie did. One look at this poster và the different expressions on the pet"s faces, not khổng lồ mention the bunny in the superhero costume, và you know you are in for a charming animated movie.

The first time was a charm, the second time was understandable, the third time with a very similar kiến thiết would surely raise some red flags to the more critical of fans who may see the white background with the pet"s looking into the camera yet again và think "lazy" for lack of a better term.

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It could be argued that khổng lồ keep the kinh doanh consistent between countries if one poster is simple with a white background, the others have to be to. Thankfully, the bunny in the superhero costume can put a smile on anyone"s face.

7 Gidget

Jenny Slate voices Gidget, Max"s sort-of love interest in the movie (she spends a lot of the first movie announcing her love for Max repeatedly for no one else khổng lồ respond much). Anyway, this is the first of many character posters that the studio released, and the title cards each describe their pet wonderfully.

The "who you calling fluffball?" line is a perfect tease for how Gidget may look small, fluffy, and cute, but will stop at nothing to help her friends.

Tiffany Haddish voices the Shih Tzu Daisy in the sequel. Studios have found clever ways khổng lồ hide references in animated movies since even before Shrek, & this is no exception with the clever wordplay.

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If the studio is going for the trắng background, they might as well try khổng lồ spice it up with the pet character cards by having a joke that younger audiences may not get. No doubt there will be some younger viewers that understand but this movie is designed for kids and adults of all ages and the sale is no exception.

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5 Max Character Poster

Everybody loves the main character Max và in this character poster, he is saying what every dog is most likely thinking when they have khổng lồ wear one of these bowls. Strangely enough, it wasn"t written on a card like the other character posters but the point still stands.

The poster also gets a few points for telling audiences not lớn laugh even though the film is an animated comedy.

What is funnier than Kevin Hart voicing an evil while fluffy bunny? You nailed it, Kevin Hart voicing an evil white fluffy bunny in a superhero costume và dubbing himself "Captain Snowball". This poster of Snowball comes in at number four with it again instantly putting a smile on anyone"s face.

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The detailing on the suit itself is also incredible with the textures being well designed. Safe to lớn say in this suit along with "Paw" and "Order" (his fists), he could take on the world.

3 Original Poster #1

Coming in third place is the poster that shows fans what they think dogs do all day while humans are out but as audiences have seen in the first two films, this definitely not the case. Even though they appear khổng lồ just wait for humans khổng lồ come back, potentially even panic that the human may never return, this film surrounds the stories of what Pets get up to.

A poster"s main purpose is to provide a tease while increasing the excitement for the movie và the idea of an animated film about pets running around New York, is definitely an intriguing plot.

From the way the buildings are drawn to lớn Chloe"s unimpressed glare back at the camera, this poster takes the number 2 spot. The poster inspires a sense of adventure which is a main aspect of the movie. It also goes without saying that this is far more aesthetically pleasing than the white backdrop posters that came earlier.

All in all, this is a great poster & even though you can"t see the rest of their facial expressions, you can tell they will all be in awe as they stare towards the city.

1 new york City Night Sky Poster

Coming in hot at number 1 is the poster for The Secret Life of Pets 2 that showcases the main pets howling at the moon. Not only does the night sky make the poster look more artistic with the lights throughout the đô thị creating a nice contrast.

Even the small details such as Duke"s fur looks like it has more detail compared khổng lồ the thủ đô new york City Daytime poster above. Also, Chloe looking yet again unimpressed is the cherry on top.

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