After four months of being on air, the final 11 members form the project girl group, IOI, from "Produce 101".

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The final voting and ranking took place on the April 1 airing, and of course tension và excitement were high. In tge over, it was Kyên Se Jeong of Jellyfish Entertainment versus Jeon So Mi of JYPhường Entertainment for furst place. Ending up at the top and the center of the group was the latter! Jeon So Mi, teary-eyed, said, "I thank JYP Entertainment for creating me & truly thank the program "Produce 101". I thank the teachers who trained me and all the colleagues who participated with me." (Clip below :point_down: )

The girls are expected lớn debut in May with a new traông chồng and promote together for about a year.

Final 11: IOI Members


Company: Starship Entertainment

Age: 18

Previous Ranking: Ep1:63, Ep2:54, Ep5:55, Ep6:12, Ep8:10, Ep10:10

Training Time: 1 year 3 months

Specialty: Vocalist

10. Im Na-young

Company: Pledis Entertainment

Age: 22

Previous Ranking: Ep1:32, Ep2:31, Ep3:33, Ep5:24, Ep6:11, Ep8:11, Ep10:9

Training Time: 2 years 3 months

Specialty: Dance

9. Kang Mina

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Company: Jellyfish Entertainment

Age: 18

Previous Ranking: Ep1:8, Ep2:3, Ep3:3, Ep5:5, Ep:6:3, Ep8:3, Ep10:18

Training Time: 1 year 1 month

Specialty: Dance

8. Kim Doyeon

Company: Fantagio Music

Age: 18

Previous Ranking: Ep1:28, Ep2:2, Ep3:13, Ep5:13, Ep6:8, Ep8:7, Ep10:11

Training Time: 1 year 5months

Specialty: Kpop Dance

7. Jung Chaeyeon

Company: MBK

Age: 20

Previous Ranking: Ep1:4, Ep2:8, Ep3:10, Ep5:8, Ep6:10, Ep8:9, Ep10:12

Training Time: 8 months

Specialty: Aegyo, Dance, Skating

Other: DIA Member

6. Pinky (Zhou Jieqiong)

Company: Pledis Entertainment

Age: 19

Previous Ranking: Ep1:3, Ep2:4, Ep3:6, Ep 5:4, Ep6:6, Ep8:6, Ep10:19

Training Time: 5 years 5 months

Specialty: Dance

Other: Selected by other Produce 101 trainees as top visual

5. Kyên ổn Sohye

Company: Redline

Age: 18

Previous Ranking: Ep1:24, Ep2:18, Ep3:16, Ep5:11, Ep6:7, Ep8:8, Ep10:4

Specialty: Ocarimãng cầu, Volleyball

4. Kyên Chungha

Company: M&H

Age: 21

Previous Ranking: Ep1:37, Ep2:39, Ep3:23, Ep5:14, Ep6:13, Ep8,:13, Ep10:5

Specialty: Dance

3. Choi Yoojung

Company: Fantagio Music

Age: 18

Previous Ranking: Ep1:11, Ep2:13, Ep3:8, Ep5:3, Ep6:2, Ep8:2, Ep10:3

Training Time: 4 years 7 months

Specialty: Acoustic Songs, Hip-hop Dance

2. Klặng Sejeong

Company: Jellyfish Entertainment

Age: 21

Previous Ranking: Ep1:2, Ep2:2, Ep3:2, Ep5:1, Ep6:1, Ep8:1, Ep10: 2

Training Time: 1 year 11 months

Specialty: Ballad

1. Jeon Somi

Company: JYP. Entertainment

Age: 16

Previous Ranking: Ep1:1, Ep2:1, Ep3:1, Ep5:2, Ep6:4, Ep8:4, Ep10:1

Training Time: 2 years

Specialty: Taekwonvày, Caricatures, Cooking

Other: Previously appeared on "Sixteen"

What vị you think of the final line-up?

My Opinion:

Im satisfied và happy that my two favorites make it khổng lồ the final 11 (Jeon SoMi and Kyên SeJeong). Ofcourse, Im happy for the other 9 trainees who make out for the final 11. I wish them goodluông chồng for their debut. IOI fighting :fist: !


Bye :wave:

changkyunismybae :sparkles:

Im so happy for somi!WAIT SOXiaoMI IS jeon right?!& jungkook debut at 16 am i right? I think FAMILY JEON is just talented!