Title: Leh Ratree เล่ห์รตีAlso known as: A Woman"s Trickery or Chasing The Night / Mayura Title: Ontheak SneahDuration: 23Genre: Romance, DramaPopularity: Highly Rated, Very Popular While it Was AiringAir time: Monday-FridayBroadcast network: Ch.5Broadcast period: 2004Theme song: "Yuen Yarn" translated as "Swear" by Pepper U.H.T, "Mai Chai Dork Mai Rim Tarng" translated as "Not a flower by the side of the road" by Pannida t

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This one was about how Ann’s father owed lots of money to some gamblers so he ripped off Peppers company to lớn pay them back … Pepper catches him and in order lớn pay the debt he sells Ann lớn pepper because he knew that pepper can take care of his daughter..

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Ann’s father loved her more than he loved his real kids… her father was actually her step father well Ann moves into pepper house & she begins taking care of peppers family … but just before all that happened Pepper found out that his wife was lying to lớn him about her pregnancy all along … she was unable lớn get pregnant but said she was pregnant with him so he can marry her … well they divorce và pepper marries Ann and then after that she cares for his family và whatever.. Và he slowly start lớn fall for her one day Ann needed money khổng lồ help her dad so she went and took some pictures that showed a little skin & some rich man wanted her & at a buổi tiệc nhỏ he said something to lớn pepper & pepper gets angry & goes home and in front of his parents và sister says “you want me to have child with her so bad ok ill go make it happen” lolsss và then he goes up stairs và “R” her và then after that she leaves him … & he realizes how much he loves her then he goes after her và one day their parent phối them up lớn go on a trip together và they make up but Ann still leaves him because she feels guilty …. & then after that ann moves away khổng lồ go teach somewhere else … và she hears about his ex wife plan to lớn kill him she goes và warn him but she is pregnant by now … and then ………. Well he doesn’t believe her và she goes khổng lồ the place they set to lớn meet him and then she is captured he goes there và then during the fights & stuff ..

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She takes a bullet for him and then after that …. Well at the kết thúc …….. They go and talk & he asks her to marry him again and then after that .. She asks him khổng lồ close his eyes & cross the street she lets him go và he crosses the street.. That was khổng lồ prove that he trusts her….

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